Our Work

EVC Studios takes care of your company's branding from A to Z. We come up with ideas all day long to produce tools that will allow your company to increase its audience, its network, and its community loyalty. Here is a selection of the many works our team has done.

A logo is an essential tool for a brand to show its visual identity through a graphic that will be recognized by all. Here is a selection of the logos we have already made.

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invitation- mock up.png

An event? A wedding? A birthday party? A dinner party? An invitation is always nice to receive, even more so if it is pretty. Here is a selection of invitations made by our team.

A website can allow your brand to boost its audience. From e-shopping to blog, our team knows how to answer your needs and expectations in terms of aesthetics and UX. Here is a selection of the websites we have already designed.


Whether you want to develop your clothing brand or create marketing products. EVC Studios will fully meet your needs. Here is a selection of the merchandising already done.

A business card can help you build a network and maintain it. A good design corresponding to your identity and your needs will boost your professional life. Here is a selection of business cards already made.


What better way for a brand to showcase its products in a professionally organized photoshoot? Here is a selection of some photos shot by EVC Studios.



180ipt is a fitness center that fuses art, sport, and street culture into a distinctive Bronx-based sportswear and lifestyle brand. 

Logo, Website, Branding, Merchandising, Social Media Content, ...

Golden AP3 is an online smoke shop that specializes in organ rolling papers, metal rolling trays, and cannabis merchandise.

Branding, Logo, Merchandising, and Photoshoot

Golden Ape Logo_edited.jpg

Aspect is a streetwear clothing brand that has different perspectives from fashion and outlooks in life.

Logo, Photoshoot, and Merchandising