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Golden AP3 is a company that fuses art, cannabis products, sport, and street culture into a distinctive Bronx-based sportswear and lifestyle brand.


Using high-performance fabrics and bold graphics in its apparel, we try and empower our supporters by drawing inspiration from those chasing that high through an Always Pushing Excellence attitude.


We are dedicated to authenticity in engaging with customers, promoting health/ wellness, charitable giving, and community service.



Golden is for the standard and Ap3 means Always pushing excellence. It is a brand that mixes fitness and the benefits of cannabis.


We started designing an ape for always pushing excellence,. The 3 stands for the beginning team, they start at 3 and they wanted to remember it. The golden crown on the ape stands for excellence.

Golden Ape Logo_edited.jpg


Shirts, hoodies, stickers, and ashtray. 


The photoshoot is organized to highlight the products of the brand. The model was the founder of Golden Ap3 highlighted by different lights, yellow, blue, and pink.